I touched on this a bit In a comment I left at another fellow's blog, so I thought I'd share it with you.

I have often been told that I think too much. When I was a child, I would drive my mom and dad nuts with one word, asked in the form of a question. "Why?" I would ask.

I would take things apart to see the reason they worked (my littlest brother was far more active in this endeavor than I was, I must say). I would sneak up behind my dad's rototiller to look at all the levers, and see if I could figure out which lever caused the rotors to turn. I would pull plants out of the ground by their roots to see what held them in the ground in the first place. In biology class, no one happier when we got to cut the frog apart to see the inner workings. It was never enough for me to know simply that something worked; I always had to know why it worked, and what caused it.

It may strike you as odd, but deep inside of me, I still want to know how God works, and what caused Him. "Blasphemy" some of you may say, but try as I might, all I can see Father doing when He hears me ask is a little chuckle and a gentle rub on the top of my head. He doesn't seem angry to me.

I want to know why. It drives me.

I often hear people ask me, "Why can't you just enjoy something for what it is. Look at all the 'joy' you are missing because you can't just smell the roses, but you have to take the rose apart and see if you can figure out why it smells the way it does."

I want to ask all of those people, "What makes you think I don't enjoy the rose even more BECAUSE I get to try and figure out why it smells the way it does and how it's all held together?"

Sometimes I still ask people, "Why?" Sometimes I still drive people nuts when I do. I don't mean to drive them nuts; I just want to know why from every possible angle, because really, you can't know something until you know EVERYTHING about it. Or so I thought.

I have learned, at least a little bit, that not everyone needs to know why. That wasn't easy for me, and I still make the mistake from time to time of assuming people DO want to know why.

In fact, now, I want to know why they don't want to know why. Strange, isn't it?

Have a good wekend.

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