Yes, I know I spelled “BLEWS” differently, but this is my blog, and I can spell how I want.

Have I mentioned that I can’t stand truck shopping? Have I also mentioned that I can’t stand shopping of any sort?

Shopping, to me, is amongst the worst ways I can spend my time. I know, many people love bargain hunting, I am not one of them. Don’t get me wrong, I hunt bargains. I just do it faster than anyone else you know, or will ever meet.

But there are some things I am extremely patient with, and truck shopping is one of them. It has been a week now, and all I have done is talk to a bank, a dealership, and read numerous advertisements, both in the local paper, and on the net, about everyone’s like - brand - new used truck.

Seriously, why would anyone bother ever buying a new vehicle, when for a few thousand dollars less, you can buy everyone else’s once brand - new vehicle, that same vehicle being “like” brand new now, with one small difference, it’s not brand new, it’s only “like” brand new.

Have I mentioned that I am not enjoying this truck hunting? Aggggghhh!!!!!!!

This Saturday, I am going to a dealership to see some of their “like” brand new, used trucks. I can’t wait (rolls eyes). If they have their way, they’ll have me driving out with that “like” new vehicle the very same day. Obviously, they haven’t met me, yet.

One of the reasons I am driving to the dealership in a car that won’t be traded in is exactly because I don’t want to drive home with buyer’s remorse.

You know what buyer’s remorse is, don’t you? That’s where the moment you leave the store, you regret spending the money you had on what you purchased, and wish you hadn’t? Well, that won’t be happening to this unhappy truck shopper.

Oh, I’m sure they’ll take one look at my “like” new Mustang, and expect that it is the car I am trading in, but ahhhh!!!! What a surprise they are in for, because I’m not trading in a car!! Ha ha ha!

So in all, should I find a “like” new truck that fits my budget (which ain’t much), and fits my needs (which are many), then at some point, I may be persuaded to actually buy the darn thing. Oh Harold!!! Why can’t you just last forever!!

Poor poor Harold, he’s going to be so lonely without me, but there is good news for him. I have a friend who is interested in buying my very “unlike” new truck for personal usage. Harold may not have to be buried in the junk yard after all. We’ll see. I hope he gets to run a little more, even if he can’t run as smoothly, or as quickly as he once did. He’s still Harold, and no “like” new truck is ever going to replace him.

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