Peace. I found it again today. As you know, my job is carpentry, and I am working on a jobsite where there has been all manner of problems, from disorganization, to decisions that should have been made months ago but haven’t yet.

I think recently, for about three weeks, I was letting this project get to me. By that, I mean that I felt no peace over it as I once had. Instead, I was expecting smooth waters to bring me peace.

How easily we forget that circumstances have nothing to do with inner peace. I must admit openly that I was more peaceful during the entire separation and divorce process than I have been these last three weeks. But this morning, on the way to work, I asked God to help me remember His peace, HIS PEACE!!

Things didn’t any more smoothly today than they ever do at this jobsite, but I had peace, and that made all the difference. I ought to know by now that circumstances are never going to be perfect, but the peace that transcends all understanding is. Thank you.

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