Let us remember the resurrection today. We celebrate Jesus, and His victory over death, and one day a year, we remember it. We call that day Easter.

But I say to you, if we are to live in this world where death remains, we better remember His victory every single day, or we will be like the dead burying the dead. Since death remains in this world, without the resurrection, there is no hope, for this life would then be all there is. Without the resurrection, the scientists would be right, and the world would be smart if we all ate and drank today, for tomorrow we die, and there is nothing after death. This resurrection gives us hope beyond death.

But to me, the hope lives on every single day. There isn’t a day where I don’t think of it. There isn’t a moment, somewhere deep inside, where the resurrection doesn’t impact every single thought I have. Some of those thoughts I am better off without, but deep down inside, there waits the resurrection, my eternal hope, for today, and for that day.

To live this life now, as if we are merely waiting to die so we can rise from the dead, is to waste this life. But to live in remembrance of the resurrection, to live as though we will never die, that is the way we use what has been given to us fully, that is the way we don’t waste what Christ gave us. It is the way we invest the “talents” He left with us, rather than burying them in the ground somewhere, where we won’t even draw interest through osmosis.

Many people who believe in Christ have but one hope, that glorious day when they will be in heaven. All their problems will be solved, and they will not shed any more tears. That is truly something to look forward to. But to bury that treasure, to hide it so we won’t lose it is akin to having lost it already. I cannot imagine living life without remembering the fact that I am eternal NOW, that I live forever NOW, that I will remember NOW forever.

To live such a life as I once did would be a heartbreak more rending than if a man were to run me through with a blunt sword. To return to that way of living would be like death to me. I cannot imagine it. If the only hope I had was to die, why would I ever want to live?

The resurrection of Christ gives hope, but not just for tomorrow. It is our hope every single day. Can we live as though it is NOW? Or do we have to wait? What will your answer be tomorrow?

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