I was sitting down the other day when this thought popped into my head. “You know Tom, we condemn Osama bin Laden and Al Quaida for what they did and do. We call it heinous, and this is true, for it is heinous. Many of the same people who condemn Osama also fight for the “right” of a woman’s choice to abort their pregnancy. On the one hand, we have an entire organization of terrorists who are responsible for killing thousands of people for a cause. On the other hand we have a “select” group of people who are responsible for killing hundreds of thousands every year. How is it possible that one can be condemned, while the other is looked upon as people free to choose?”

I thought to myself, “how odd”. Now I know how this is possible. Only in world that denies Christ is this possible. Only in a world where everything has been reduced to varying shades of grey is this not only possible, but probable.

Yet this I know; God sees absolute truth, because God IS absolute truth. So all the grey areas are only grey to us. I wonder what God thinks of the two groups of people. We know that He loves us, but being unchanging, we also know that God will never, ever, condone the taking of human life. He will not “wink” at it, and say “that’s okay (shrug, shrug) I am perfectly alright with your killing whoever you want, because after all, it’s your choice.”

Some things are not to be left to our choice. Just as it is not rightfully Al Quaida's choice to kill so they may further their own agenda, so it is true that it is not rightfully anyone’s choice to kill inside of the womb to further their agenda. In a grey world, abortion is accepted as “okay” because “no one really knows at what point the fetus becomes a real person”. Hmmmm. I think if you asked Osama bin Laden what the term infidel actually means, you’d find that it means a lot more than “unbeliever”. I think you’d find he believes it means “less than human”.

In a grey world, it is considered wrong to draw a parallel such as this, you know, a parallel between Al Quaida and people who claim abortion is “okay”. In a black and white world, you can do no other thing, for the parallel becomes obvious the moment you remove the beer goggles. You know about beer goggles, don’t you? Those are the eyes we see with when we are drunk, and do not see things as they REALLY are.

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