Okay. As you have doubtlessly seen already, I have the weather posted on my blog for Two Rivers, Wisconsin, USA. Right now, we are slightly warmer than a refrigerator with a bad compressor. The Weather channel is remarkably accurate, except they are saying we are mostly cloudy, and we are not. I see stars everywhere. Right now, it is 55 deg. F, with 96 % humidity, and very few clouds in sight. I am proud to announce that Two Rivers is the only city in the world where this phenomenon can be witnessed fairly regularly. Jealous?

Alright. Add to that fact that I live just south (and I mean JUST south, as in less than one mile) of a state forest, and soon, my road (and it is MY road) will be full of the most intense fall colors you could see anywhere in the world. This spectacle will last anywhere from three weeks to a month, dependant upon the weather. Still not jealous?

Try this. One or two months after the leaves fall, we will be hit with what is called a “lake effect” snow storm. What does that mean? It means that while our neighbor town to the south (approx 5 miles) might receive absolutely no snow, or minimal snow at best, this burg will receive at times eight to ten inches of the white, fluffy stuff. All of that, plus driving through a state forest during the snow storm, watching the snow fall in huge white flakes, is a sight unequaled. And, if it is warm enough, we can walk through the forest road while it is snowing. The quietness is truly awe inspiring, and the beauty is breathtaking. Surely you are squirming with envy by now?

No? Well, then you haven’t watched a Two Rivers sunrise on Lake Michigan. We are truly blessed, because the sky with all of its Chicago pollution creates a kaleidoscope of color in the morning. (Chicago is just some hick town in Illinois to our south that pumps out massive amounts of pollution daily). Reds, grays, blues, whites, and shades in between can be seen almost every morning. Now I know you are lying if you say you aren’t jealous!

So, I don’t really have to tell you about the ten point buck I saw in my backyard the other night, or the herd of deer that passes through every day around four o’clock pm, to sample the apples fallen from the trees in my yard. I don’t really need to go into detail about the pine trees that surround my yard, gently swaying in the wind, as I listen to the inspiring roar of the Lake that lies less than one-eighth of a mile away from me. Nor do I need to expound upon the fact that four red cardinals fly around my abode every morning for hours on end, chasing off the blue jays, and the chickadees. Sound like paradise?

Not even close!!! But a lot closer than most places, I think. God, thank you!! I love it here!! AMEN!!


Elaine said...

You forgot to tell everyone about the 60 degree BELOW 0
wind chills and that people in TR never see a spring becouse it dosent warm up intill Jully and only lasts to Sepetember.
Just had to add that I actually miss TR.
God Bless

Tom Reindl said...

Elaine, those things are the reasons Two Rivers is not paradise. :) However, even the coldest of cold usually only lasts two weeks. As far as spring goes, yeah, it can be a bummer, but still, after it has been 20 - 25 degrees F. for four months, 55 degrees F feels like spring to me. Any time I don't have to wear a coat is a good time. :) God's love to you, Elaine.