It struck me this morning that I have been busy writing for quite a while now. What have I been writing? About the things I know, or claim to.

Does this glorify God? I hope it does. The last thing I want to do is steal His glory. Today, I am taking a different approach. It is sort of a prayer, and a way for me to worship my timeless, ageless, limitless God. You see, I can write whatever I want, things which I know, and things which I hope. I can write about squirrels, or the past, fiction or non, hopeful things, and seemingly hopeless things. I can write about all manner of life and circumstance here on this dying earth. All of it I can do, and it all glorifies God. I do it because He has set in my heart this desire to write, and it has become a thing He created me to do.

No greater “purpose” have we than to do what we were created to do. It is one of the best acts of worship I believe we can undertake. I am a new creation, discovering so many things God has set in my heart. All these things, if approached with a heart for Jesus, will glorify God.

However, there is one other thing I can do that I believe might glorify God. I usually write about what I know. Today, I will speak of the things I do not know, and merely thank God for knowing them for me. This is not an exhaustive list, so if you want to add a few of your own, feel free to add away. All to the glory of God.

1. I do not know when Jesus will return
2. I do not know how God sanctifies us, other than some simple head knowledge.
3. I do not know how many stars there are. I know there are a lot.
4. I do not know how many planets there are.
5. I do not know what I will look like in heaven.
6. I do not know what it feels like to be physically raised from the dead.
7. I do not know the day I will die.
8. I do not know the square root of 1,343,567, without using a calculator.
9. I do not know how to form a mountain.
10. I do not know if I will be on this earth ten years from now.
11. I do not know if I will ever marry again.
12. I do not know the secret things of God
13. I do not know how God is sovereign, and yet it feels like I make choices all of the time.
14. I do not know how many acorns the squirrels in my yard have moved.
15. I do not know what I am going to write five minutes from now.
16. I do not know how to dance.
17. I do not know how to bring rain onto a parched land.
18. I do not know everyone I have yet to meet, here in this world.
19. I do not know why I sin.
20. I do not know how to change myself.
21. I do not really know how to worship God.
22. I do not know how bumble bees are able to fly.
23. I do not know why gravity exists. I know some theory, but no one can explain to me why it exists “logically”.
24. I do not know how to create something from nothing.
25. I do not know how to order the universe.
26. I do not know how to make it rain for forty days and nights.
27. I do not know God all that well.
28. I do not know myself all that well.
29. I do not know why lightening strikes in one place, and not another.
30. I do not know what all I do not know.

There is so much more. I could spend my life writing this list. Thank you God, for knowing everything. Thank you for letting me know some things. I am content.


MC Hendrick said...

I love this post and is somewhat reflective of what I feel often. I am linking it from my page. Thank you for your sincerity.

In Christ

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