I spent the Sunday in Door County Wisconsin with my best friend Brett and his family, as well as my daughter, who was along with them for a camping trip. I was visiting, because I had to work Friday and Saturday.

It was A beautiful day, weather, company, and enjoyment all. When I arrived at their campsite this morning, Brett whipped up breakfast for all of us, and we sat around the picnic table enjoying a meal and each other’s company. Then, we whisked ourselves off to a corn maze.

If you are wondering what a corn maze is, let me try to describe it. As simply as I can say it, a corn maze is a maze through a field of corn. That being said, the mazes we walked through this afternoon were actual pictures of fall objects. Imagine walking through a jack-o-lantern maze, the shape of which you only recognize because of the detailed map you are given upon entering.

I learned something about different personalities today. Of the six of us walking together through the maze, only Brett paid any attention to the map. Brett’s wife, Sherrie, was willing to trust Brett, and follow him wherever we went. The children were carefree, not caring where we went, whereas I was just happy to walk, although every so often, would interject my opinion about which way we should turn. I was willing to follow for a time, but I didn’t wholeheartedly trust that Brett was REALLY paying attention to the map. I should have known better.

Brett was something to behold today, checking his map to the letter, and making sure of where we were at every moment. He was by far the more efficient at getting us out of the maze. I have no doubts that we would have found our way out of the maze eventually. As we entered the maze, I noticed the exit of that same maze was just to the left of the entrance. To me, that meant one thing; go left at every possible turn or “Y” unless forced to go right. Following that “sage” wisdom, I feel certain we would have eventually found our way out, map or no map.

My personality was set to enjoy this day, and I enjoyed it without map. But Brett enjoyed it every bit as much as I did WITH a map. See the difference? See the same result?

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