I think it's all about the approach.

If we approach ANY "commandment" with only concern for ourself, then that commandment is a prison to us.

However, is it possible that if we have concern for others, we are free to become obedient? Not that we earn anything by obedience, or that we have to worry about following a set of rules, but if our mindset is truly a concern for others as we approach the commandment "Love one another", are we free?

Lately, I have been concerned with myself, and I have found that when I am, I am miserable.

But when I am concerned with others, somehow, I am at peace. It's as if I do not even exist, as if I am free to care for another, and when that occurs, I find that loving one another is not hard to do at all. I only find that loving another is hard when I am concerned about myself.

So I am finding that these "commandments" aren't really a prison to me if my concern is for another, whereas if my concern is for me, I am locked up, miserable in prison.

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