Following on the heels of Osama bin Obama, excuse me, BarAq Obama, and Bill, I mean, Hillary Clinton, I have decided to form a Presidential Exploratory Committee.

Yes, yes, I know, Rudy Corleone, excuse me, I keep making mistakes, Giuliani, has also thrown his hat in, as has John McCain (Like the Vikings with the Super Bowl, will McCain ever win the big one?) There's quite a field in the running for the office of President already. I kept waiting for Al Gore to run again, and if he had decided before I did, I would have bowed out because who in their right mind could hope to beat Mr. Personality? In fact, if he still decides to run, it will be a two horse race, because every Republican and Democrat will bow out for the President who was elected but never sat in the big chair. It's rightfully his, isn't it?

I, however, am neither republican nor Democrat, and therefore I would have a duty to run against Gore at that point, no matter how hopeless it would all be. Global Warming being his platform, even I can't come up with something more important than that.

So here is where it all starts, huh?

Wouldn't it be absolutely freaky if my exploratory committee explored, and found that I could win? ;)

PS: My spellchecker knows how to spell Giuliani. How strange is that?

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