I am impatient right now. And, for a fellow who is being impatient, I fit the profile, for I believe I have GOOD reason for being impatient. Blogger!!!!!!!

What is up with Blogger's commenting system? And why does Blogger, every other day, load a page nine-tenths of the way, and then freeze, and go no further? What is up with that?

And why, pray tell, is it not spring yet? Where is the warm weather? When is it going to be "shorts" weather again? If we aren't going to have any snow, why not just skip winter altogether, and jump right into the nineties again?

Why is my ankle still hurting? Why am I still waiting for the closing on my home loan? Why can't you PEOPLE move faster!?

Hmmmph! Glad I got that off my chest.

Excuse me while I go say twelve Rosaries for penance.

Now where is it? Where did I put that God#@!**#@! rosary?! Jeeeeeez! When you want to say a rosary, there's never one around, but you can bet there will be one under your heel the moment you don't need it. And what's up with that blessed @#!*#*! blogger website AGAIN!?

I better calm down. I won't have enough time to say any more rosaries once I actually find the effing thing. Thank God I can pay for all these sins. Who knows where I'd end up if I never found my rosary! Thank God he gave us a way to pay for our own sins, so that we'd never really need Him. And what was with that goofy son of his? If someone slaps me in the face, I ain't turnin' no cheek, Mister, I can promise you that! I would have brought the ninety legions of angels down on his ass, or however many legions there were.

Then....I would have forgiven them...after they were dead.

Oh-oh. There it is! I found my rosary.

Well, maybe I can pray one or two more rosaries today. After all, I'll need to do SOMETHING after I'm done checking out all the pornsites.


Jonathan said...

Huh? Looking for a reaction, venting (truly), or have you actually 'thrown in the towel'?

Hang in there.


Tom Reindl said...


Nah, I just couldn't think of anything to write, so I decided to have some fun. :)

Ellie said...

lmao, i have tears in my eyes from trying to laugh quietly (it is after midnight after all and my flatmate has had a long day) but thank you for that. ur awesome!