I have taken the last three days off. I thought my body was hurting because of the twelve-hour days I had put in lately. I thought that the three day weekend would help solve that. It hasn't.

It is Monday afternoon, and I have rested more these last few days than at any time in recent memory. It's time to face facts; there might be something wrong with my body. Everything hurts, all of the joints are sore and stiff, some are swelling, and I've begun to do some research. So far, it is a possibility that Rheumatoid Arthritis is the culprit.

What do I have to say about this? Not much, except it may be time to actually go see the doc and find out for certain. It's just that I hate going to doctors (I usually reserve all of my physicals for emergency room visits; you know the type, blood gushing from some wound or other, and "hey, while you're at it, can you check my blood pressure?"). That strict regimen has worked for years, and I have been waiting for some type of emergency room visit, so I could once again cash in on the two-for- the-price-of one doctor visit. If it doesn't occur soon, I'll have to make an "appointment". Gads! Just the thought makes me want to vomit.

How certain am I about this? Not real certain at all. But there must be some explanation. I can't remember the last time I didn't swallow eight to ten Ibuprofen pills a day, even on days off. When I wake up in the morning, I take one Vitamin C pill, One "One-a Day" Vitamin pill, and four or five Ibuprofen. That's why I don't eat breakfast; I'm already full just minutes after waking!.

For now, I'll live with it. Even if it is Rheumatoid Arthritis, I don't know what can be done about it. But it sure would be nice to know I'm not just being a wuss. Or maybe I am?


Pharga said...

For my two cents I would say pray and don't believe what you feel.

Sound weird, I hope you don't think that way.

try it.


Tom Reindl said...


It doesn't sound weird, I've heard it before. But, I'll believe what I feel, because I know it's real also. I still work ten to twelve hours a day, so I am doing my part in rising above whatever ails me. If this pain persists, so be it. If there is help, so be that.

Thanks for visiting Pharga. Good hope to you.

Another Tom said...

You might want to make that appointment sooner rather than later. I once had symptoms similar to what you describe, and it turned out to be lyme disease. Early treatment is very important if that is the case.

Jonathan said...

Do you think it could possibly be a form of 'the flu' (Influenza)?

I don't know for sure, but I've heard that if you 'plug in' symptoms into an online medical encyclopedia, it'll have any one of us on the edge of death!

I'm starting to sound like my great aunts and uncles who always say in Italian 'La vechiaia' or '(It's) old age'.

But the 'another' Tom does have a good point and I sure hope he is wrong!

Tom Reindl said...

Another Tom,

Thank you. I checked out the symptoms on Webmd, but I am pretty sure I am safe from Lyme disease. I've had these body aches for several years, and most of the other symptoms aren't relevant to me.

I used to write the pain off to my profession, which is carpentry, a high impact job, as in, almost everything I do involves an impact of some sort. But lately, especially after having so much time to rest, there was no difference; it was like I had worked the entire weekend. In fact, it's like that every Monday.

Still, I am able to work, and so many people don't have jobs, or can't work because of a disability. I am pretty certain I am very fortunate if Arthritis is all it is.

Thanks guys! :)

Tom Reindl said...


Thankfully, it's not the flu. I agree, plugging in symptoms can be dangerous!

I was Trailer Trash when Trailer Trash wasn't Cool said...

Hi --

Been there and living it now for over 15 years, but it's not all bad, thank goodness.

You'll definitely need to see your doctor. Make sure he/she eventually orders the blood tests needed to ensure a correct diagnosis if you don't get better soon. Rheumatoid arthitis is an autoimmune disease -- one of many -- and the symptoms can overlap and it may take awhile before your doctor is able to determine the proper treatment. Don't give up, though, and I hope that you don't have anything serious and will be feeling better very soon!

Tom Reindl said...

Trailertrash, I visited your blog, I like it. :) However, you don't sound like a trailertrashite (That's muslim for what "sect" of trailertrash you belong to)here. In fact, you sound downright intelligent. Thanks for the advice.

I am making that appointment....really, I am, at some point. :) I guess I'm still waiting for the emergency room visit.

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