Hi guys,

My daughter has stuff going on in her life. Whenever I ask her what she did for the day, she'll either answer "nothin" or "stuff". So here's my stuff.

I have been absent for the most part from my blog these last days, as well as from quite a few of yours. That doesn't mean I no longer love writing or visiting you. I do.

It does mean that my time priorities have been adjusted for the next weeks because I am working about sixty hours every week. Usually it's only fifty or so, but when you subtract ten available hours from your schedule for writing, you tend to write less and less...and less..................and less. I'll try to write more short pieces these next few days to stay in touch, but let's face it, you aren't going to die if I write nothing at all, and neither will I. I am just glad that anyone reads what I write, because to me, writing is enjoyable enough without an audience.

Did anyone happen to hear about an ancient scroll found in the midle east somewhere recently, which seemed to say that Judas beytrayed Jesus at the request of Jesus? I was just wondering. I heard it on the Paul Harvey radio show this afternoon, and was wondering if anyone else knew anything about it.

Abideea, bidea, bidea, bidea, that's all folks. (anyone remember Porky Pig and his stuttering goodbyes?)

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