Since I still don't have much time to do any decent post justice, I'll just write some more stuff tonight.

I am a major sports fan, and have been enjoying with pride the Milwaukee Brewers resurgence into decency. For thirteen years, I stuck with a team that was considered nothing more than a perennial loser. It looks as though this year, they may actually contend for a playoff spot, and if early returns are any indication (with they usually aren't), this team may be very difficult to beat for anyone. They have jumped out to a five and one (5 wins, 1 loss) start, and it's great to see their younger players finally starting to take off. Keep an eye on Prince Fielder. The boy can can flat out smack the baseball. ;)

In other sports interest, we in Wisconsin have been waiting patiently for Brett Favre (yes, I spelled it right) to decide if he is going to play one more year. I do so hope he will, not because he is the greatest quarterback to ever play the game (I don't decide those things), but because the fans in Wisconsin would like the chance to say good bye to a man who given his life to this state for the last thirteen (fourteen?) years. It sure would be nice if we would get the chance to make his last year as special as he made he every other year he has been here. I know he wants to play for another Super Bowl, but we in Wisconsin would just like the chance to say goodbye for longer than five minutes during a Monday Night Footbal halftime special.

If you are a Brett Favre fan, why don't you tell me what you think he is going to do. While we are at it, if you have enjoyed watching him play these last years, why don't you let us know what your favorite Brett Favre moment is? I will if you will. :)

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