It is evening right now. My daughter, who is suffering through second degree burns from a horrible sunburn she received the other day, just attempted to put Aloe Vera with Menthol on one of her burns. Apparently, menthol is not something you would want to put on a second degree burn. The pain she felt from it was so intense, she came into my office, tears streaming down her face. All I could offer was some ice, and after a couple of minutes, some smiles and laughs.

I was outside just after the ice took care of her pain, looking up into the sky, when I was buffeted by an extremely strong gust of wind. Just the moment before, I was asking God to help her handle the pain. The wind came immediately.

Coincidence? I don't know. I don't believe in coincidences, and there was something about this "buffeting" that seemed full of God. The wind gust was strong, like a warrior on attack, yet gentle and affirming at the same time. It hit me on my left side and surrounded me, sending the most pleasant sensation up and down my spine. It lingered for a few moments, and then it was gone.

Maybe I am making too much of a normal gust of wind. But then, can I make too much out of a gust of wind that God created? Is that possible? Isn't it rather probable that we don't give enough credit to God's creations?

I don't know. I am seeing God in so much more these days, and it has nothing to do with being "good". Sure I want to please Him in my actions, who doesn't? But what I am seeing physically around me gives ME pleasure. And here I thought I was created for HIS good pleasure. I wonder, is that another one of those Bible verses we only got half-right? Are we maybe here so God can pour out on us His pleasure also?

My daughter is better now, the pain is gone, or has at least subsided. Thank you God, for the wind that buffets and surrounds me, and the whisper of laughs that heals her.

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