So often we get caught up in life, and we get all harried and angered. It happens...what can you say? No one is forever immune on this earth from days where anger or frustration seem just underneath the surface.

I know of a young girl going to university right now who is having a hard time of things; everything seems to come at her at once, and at times, it just seems to be so unbearable because we are lost in the moment.

I told her what I will tell you.

Tell yourself this right now, and any moment when it seems like the dam is about to burst....

"Every thing is going to be alright, child. "


Cliff said...

And what's great about that statement is that it's true.

SteveW said...

Absolutely Tom and folks like you help it to be alright a little sooner.

Ellie said...

:) i totally agree with what steveW said there!!!! :) thank you so much for your much needed encouragement. *hugs*

Tom Reindl said...


If nothing else, maybe we just remind people that any moment in time can be the lowest moment, but it can also be the highest moment, and none of us knows when those moments are.

Ellie, You are always welcome. :)