After catching glimpses of the nearly non-stop coverage over the Lisa Nowak/Astronaut/triangle thingy, (it's hard not to catch glimpses, the story is everywhere), it dawned on me yet again that the American media is immature at best, and driven to MAKE news rather than report it at worst. What, I ask, is their obsession with this case?

Is it the diaper? Because I have been hearing reporters and talking heads discussing the diaper angle on the case almost as much as I heard about the helicopter that was shot down in Iraq yesterday. Excuse me, many people died in that helicopter crash; they deserve more than sharing time with Lisa Nowak's diaper.

So I decided to turn today's post into a little news special, reporting on the mass media's reporting of the Lisa Nowak, Astronaut/triangle thingy. I figure we can get three, maybe four days of coverage on this one issue alone. We can have you guys send in reports through the comments section, reporting breaking news of Keith Olberman or Anderson Cooper vacillating about Lisa Nowak's diaper, and weather it was soiled or not at the time of arrest. I can almost see Anderson Cooper drooling, and Wolf Blitzer stating, in his ever so serious way, "Lisa Nowak was the best of the best, a top notch astronaut, and pilot, not accustomed to failure; what went wrong with her plan...................(long pause for dramatic effect) and would she have succeeded if her diaper hadn't been soiled?

What do you think? Will the people who report the news like being reported about as much as they report and sensationalize everything else?


SteveW said...

If she hadn't had her panties in such a wad she wouldn't have needed the diaper.

Don R said...

I try to avoid national news as often as possible.