I would like to lay down a challenge today.

My best friend is currently looking at changing career paths, and has a few concerns about the financial aspects of what he hopes to accomplish. That is understandable. I have been there many times myself.

It was during those times that I realized something. I would spend much of my time praying and worrying to God to provide for me, to bring me what I needed. The culmination of understanding and experience began to wear me down, until I finally realized that what I was praying for was ALREADY done.

Knock, and maybe the door will open. Seek, and you might find.

Words of Jesus?

I think not. Those are more likely the words of we who say we believe in Him.

What we need is already here. Those are the words of Jesus. Seek, and you shall find. Knock, and it will open for you.

Praying isn't going to magically dump what you need in your lap. But there is something that prayer might accomplish. It just might help us understand that what we need, what we are asking for, has already been provided, long before we even knew we needed it. We only need to seek it, for it is already somewhere within reach.

That has been my experience.

So the challenge is this:

Can we act and live as though everything we need is already given? What would that do to our lives?

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