I have a question for you. I may write about this question later on tonight, if I have time, but I wanted to ask this right now.

Is Jesus nothing more than a pincushion to us?

Think about that question. We say He is our savior, and that He takes all of our sins upon Himself, so that we have beeen redeemed. Is that the extent of what we think of Him? Is He nothing more than a pincushion for our sins? Think about it, and see if you can honestly say you see Him as more. Remember, I said "honestly".

The story of God among us, what was it for? Was it so that we could be redeemed? What is all of this about? Has the entirety of this creation been about redemption, and redemption alone?

Forget for a few minutes about theology. It's worthless anyway if it does nothing to affect the way we live. Forget the preconceptions. Who do you say Jesus is? Really, who do you say He is? What is He? Don't tell me what Dallas Willard says, or Chuck Swindoll, or what your teacher says. Tell me what you really think of Him. This might take some time.

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