Sorry for the light posting in recent weeks. I am still alive, and doing okay. I just haven't had, or made much time for blogging. I will be back more consistently in several weeks, but for now, I can't even visit many of you, much less write anything worth reading.

So........I just wanted to say hi, and I will stop by and visit you guys either tonight or tomorrow night. It's strange how "busyness" can take time away from things we truly love doing. But in this case, I have not sought out this "busyness", it just comes with the business I am in. Sometimes there is no time, and during those times, I make do the best I can. I miss you all, and will be beack this week sometime, and maybe Missy's Reason will return with a brief addition as well. Until then, take care, and may God bless you all, and may you be AWARE of it.

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