My name is Tom Reindl, and I am a Blog Avoider.

Actually, I haven't been avoiding my blog and other blogs, I just haven't made blogging a priority lately. Life is full right now, and making room to write semi-publicly just isn't at the top of the list. I am sure that at some point, I will be back to writing nearly every day as I used to, and getting the chance to visit everyone else's blogs. Maybe that day will be today; who knows?

Can you tell what's going to happen next? Can anyone predict it with any accuracy? Can we control what's going to happen next?

Interestingly enough, there is a point to those questions. When I build something, I know how it is going to work. I design the tasks and the functions into the piece or the building that I make. I even design the beauty. Nothing (as best as an imperfect human can accomplish) is left to chance, no screw is left unturned. I know how my work will operate in almost every given circumstance. I can tell the future with what I make, as best as any human can, so limited we are in our perfection.

Is it any wonder then that God knows us so well? He who is perfect, He who made us; is there anything about us that would surprise Him? He knows our answers, He knows our questions. If I, a simple carpenter, know my work nearly perfectly, how much more does our heavenly Father knows everything about us?

You cannot surprise your maker.

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